Regardless of  the style of Yoga, I like to include meditation, pranayama and mantras at the beginning or at the end of the class. The main goal is to bring a sense of self-awareness, to be at the present moment and let your mind and thoughts to clear and settle.
On group classes, modifications are given on postures so students can choose the best approach for one’s possibility at that moment.

It’s important to notice that you don’t need to be flexible and it doesn’t matter if you have a monkey mind (we all do). Be open to the practice, respect your own limits and the benefits will come! And don’t worry, there is no comparison between students, and there is no such thing as being “good” or “bad” at Yoga. Each person is totally unique and have different difficulties and facilities. Just enjoy the journey, not the destination!

Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga is inspired in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga sequences, but full of modifications. It's Rocket because it takes you there faster! It's a vigorous and playful practice.


Vinyasa is to move with the breath. This style of asana practice is fluid and every class will have a different sequence from the other.

Yin Yoga

A passive and relaxing practice that aims to balance the energy flow in the body and to target the cold tissues of the body. The poses are held with the support of props while stillness and relaxation are encouraged.

Pre and post natal

Pregnancy classes are designed to support and prepare women physical, mental and spiritually throughout the pregnancy and moment of birth, creating an atmosphere of peace and positive energy for the baby.

Post-natal classes are designed to help new mothers to relax and have a peaceful moment. It also aims to strength the body as it slowly returns to its pre-pregnant state.

Yoga Therapy

It´s a gentle approach for those who have any health disorder and seek a more holistic treat. These are disorders of the type: asthma, arthrosis, heart disorders, digestive, depression, obesity, menstrual disorder, beyond others.

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